A sister city initiative for senior high school and first year university students from the People’s Republic of China and New Zealand.

Next Start

8 July – 21 July


China: Hangzhou, Beijing, Qingdao & Qufu

Tour Objective

We need a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs with the skills and capacity to take on the challenge of bridging cultural differences

  • Do you see yourself as one of the next generation of global leaders and citizens?
  • Can we lead together through cross-cultural harmony, respect and understanding?
  • Are you prepared for the opportunities that exist between China and New Zealand?
  • What are the global issues of the 21st century and how will you face these together?
  • Are you keen to pursue a career in international leadership, business and engagement, foreign relations and diplomacy?

Who can attend

Students attending  high school or in their first year of tertiary studies (college or university) located within a sister city of  China and New Zealand. Ages 15 to 19 years. Students in sister school relationships not located within a sister city may also register.


2018 Youth Leadership Summit programme

Further information, New Zealand students

Registrations open 22 January 2018. Place your name on the waiting list to join the New Zealand delegation by contacting summit@globalengagement.ac.nz

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Summit. This was a fantastic opportunity to gain a better understanding of what the future holds for NZ-China relations. We not only discussed our cultural and societal differences, but also how we are alike in many ways. I have made many new friends, both Chinese and NZ students, of whom I will stay in contact with as a result of this conference. it was a great opportunity to practice my Chinese with native speakers, and also help them with their English. I really enjoyed hearing Graci Kim speaking about her time as a NZ diplomat in Beijing.”

Mitchell Brett, ACG Parnell

Summit Leadership Program, Qingdao 15 – 18 July

Global Relations: China and New Zealand; Global Issues, Barriers and Challenges;  Facing Change and Transformation with field studies;  Tomorrow’s Leaders Workshop, China’s History and Culture – the same but different;  Tomorrow’s Leaders and Group Projects.

Summit Special Topics

Technology, Hangzhou 10 and 11 July 2018

Political Culture and Education, Beijing 12 to 14 July 2018

Confucius History and Culture, Qufu 19 July 2018

Innovation Day, Qingdao 20 July 2018

Key Partners

Qingdao NO. 9 High School; Institute of Global Engagement New Zealand and Shinyway Education

Key Supporters

Qingdao Education Bureau; Education New Zealand ENZ; Qingdao Municipal Government; Auckland City, Global Partnerships; SIEBA Schools International Education Business Association New Zealand – further supporters pending.

Key Sponsors

YIQing Education Foundation

Further sponsors pending

Special Topic Days

Internet and E-commerce Political Culture and Education Confucius History and Culture Innovation, Industry and Education