The Institute of Global Engagement strives to engage and work with all New Zealand education institutions and agencies, business and industry groups. We do not have exclusive partners

Our New Zealand wide approach to delivering programs and projects is through a private public partnership or consortium model. If required, our solutions can utilise and engage a highly skilled cross section of presenters and experts who will combine to deliver a life changing and transformative experience or work in the field of workforce development to provide solutions that meet the needs of developing countries, provinces, governments and educational organisations.

We work with a range of

New Zealand Universities and Research Institutes
New Zealand Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics ITPs
New Zealand Private Training Establishments PTEs
New Zealand English Language Schools (public and private)
New Zealand Industry Training Organisations ITOs (workplace training specialists, all sectors)
New Zealand Government Ministries, Crown Agencies, Regulating Bodies and Local Authorities including City Councils
New Zealand Research Institutes

We engage with

Education New Zealand ENZ
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise NZTE
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade MFAT
Ministries, agencies and departments relevant to each program
Professional associations and bodies
Tourism New Zealand
Business Councils
Export New Zealand

We have strong business relationships and active memberships with a broad range of international business councils, NAFSA, industry and trade associations and professional groups.